Andy’s Room

Andy’s Room Revealing‘s newest PAXexclusive Tula Baby Carrier! Andy’s Room is ready for everyday babywearing as well as any #disneybound opportunities! Wait until you see how we will bring your favorite characters to life through... Read More
#disneybound at PAXbaby

#disneybound at PAXbaby   As huge Disney geeks, dressing in cosplay has added so much joy to the PAXmoms’  Disneyland trips! What YOU need to #disneybound at home is a theme, any theme! Who is your favorite character? Favorite movie? Favorite ride? How... Read More
Calm-a-Mama Drops

Calm-a-Mama Drops Here are our Calm A Mama drops, PAXbaby’s newest obsession in homeopathic baby care! Steam distilled into botanical water extracts, these all USDA organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free herbs are added to flower essences! The tincture... Read More

PAXnews! I am POSITIVE that you each are PAXnews subscribers, but if you happened to miss clicking on this very important button, here’s your friendly reminder to sign up for PAXnews,‘s (almost) weekly newsletter! We often include inside... Read More
PAX exclusive UPDATE

PAX exclusive UPDATE‘s long awaited last PAXexclusive Tula for the year is ALMOST ready for you! The PAXmoms are busy getting our epic stocking prepped for maximum happiness and minimum drama! On December 30, there will be various styles of... Read More
PAXfamily December tradition….

PAXfamily December tradition…. Today is the feast day of St Lucia, and it’s Catholic tradition for the family’s oldest daughter to make and bring hot cross buns to wake up the rest of the family!! Happy Saint Day to our Lucy who brought gluten free scones,... Read More