PAXbaby LOVE Bamberoo

PAXbaby LOVE Bamberoo A super duper special Bamberoo for members of PAXbaby LOVE <3 only!!!! Paxfriends, thank you for being awesome, loyal, sweet and amazing babywearers! Because you are just the best, we have a Vice Versa Bamberoo STANDARD with YOUR... Read More
Erika Hoffman – Didymos

Erika Hoffman – Didymos It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of the great Erika Hoffman, the founder of DIDYMOS – Das Babytragetuch. March 22, 1937 – February 15, 2015 Erika paved the way for babywearing as we know it – her passion,... Read More
PAXnews 2/20/15

PAXnews 2/20/15

Everyone loves surprises, don’t they?!?! Secrets make ordinary things seem more FUN, and a surprise discount code certainly makes this email more fun! Click through the link below and discover the code that ONLY PAXnews subscribers can use to receive a... Read More
KKD Bronte Flips!

KKD Bronte Flips! has just received a shipment of these GORGEOUS KoKaDi Bronte Flip Wrap Conversions! We’re ready to sell later this week, and would L O V E for our Facebook fans to choose how! So please weigh in – would YOU prefer a... Read More
Valentina *ombre*

Valentina *ombre* Did you happen to catch the sneak peak‘s newest exclusive Natibaby, Valentina *ombre* on PAXmommy Jillian’s personal Facebook page yesterday?! Depending on where you are in the USA, this beauty could be in your hands... Read More
PAXnews PAXcredit Giveaway

PAXnews PAXcredit Giveaway Contest is open to PAXnews subscribers worldwide. At the close of the giveaway, the lucky winner will be emailed and $25 added to their account at! Please be sure the email address you enter on the form is the address associated... Read More