You Made Me a Mother by Boba  Which is your favorite line?????  Mine is “And I’ll do it all over again!” Real parents submitted these quotes to Boba to use for their gorgeous video, and every one rang true for me! *sniff, sniff, happy tears!* Read More
Win a Girasol!

Win a Girasol! Mamagenta is‘s newest Girasol wrap, and GORGEOUS in diamond weave! These warm colors blend together in a unique medley of pinks & oranges and can be YOURS by sharing this photo *link* on your personal or babywearing page & then... Read More
The Boba Babywearing Hoodie

The Boba Babywearing Hoodie Babywearing while staying snug & warm is a GENIUS idea; the Boba Hoodie is back at This hoodie (formally known as the Peekaru), has been reinvented by Boba, is BACK in action, and we could... Read More
I Believe In Birth

I Believe In Birth “I believe in birth.” Find a great compilation of positive and spiritual birth affirmations here : We just love the pure joy depicted on this mama’s face. Did... Read More
Pope Francis rocks!

Pope Francis rocks! When the Pope says to do something, you do it! I wonder how many of the mothers in the Sistine Chapel last Sunday DID nurse their babies after hearing this pro-breastfeeding comment from the Pope : “Today the choir will sing but the most beautiful... Read More

STARPOWER!!! Do you have YOUR star power yet??? Looks like some of our PAXfriends do!! Packed with sleepydust, these beauties are ready to soar into your waiting arms!! Which will it be? The shy and quiet Morgan, the bold and dashing Merlin? Or… both?... Read More
Introducing: PAXmommy Alena

Introducing: PAXmommy Alena 1. First thing is first. Tell us your name, and how long you have been a PAXmommy for? Hi, I’m Alena and Ive been a PAXmommy for just over 2 years paxbaby 2. How many babies do you have? I have 6 babies, ranging in age from 13 years old to 11... Read More