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CONGRATULATIONS to US! Well. We did it! Yesterday we, at, hit a HUGE milestone, thanks to YOU, PAXfans! ALL 20,000 of you!! Thank you for all of your love and support over the years. Thank you for letting us spread the babywearing LOVE every day. To... Read More
30 weeks with Baby #7

30 weeks with Baby #7 Wednesday marks 30 weeks pregnant for PAXmommy Jillian. That means there are only 10 short weeks left *give or take a few days/weeks* The PAXbabies are SOOO excited to meet their new baby sister. Does anyone have some amazing ideas for... Read More
Wrap Scrap Saturdays!!!

Wrap Scrap Saturdays!!! Did you know that we celebrate Wrap Scrap Saturdays here at HQ??? Today is Scrappy Saturday at, and today’s wrap scrap bundles are a MYSTERY!! You’re guaranteed oodles of scraps in multiple colorways, and... Read More
FFS with Wacky Alpacky

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Hana Baby Wrap

Hana Baby Wrap We are just LOVING the Hana Baby Wrap here at!! Elastic, bamboo, naturally antibacterial, breathable, and UV protective, the Hana Baby Wrap is a stretchy wrap for all four seasons!! There is... Read More
JumpSac Baby – Damask

JumpSac Baby – Damask Looking for a beautiful, yet affordable woven wrap? Need something fancy? Introducing: JumpSac Baby – Damask. Damask is airy, moldable, cushy on the shoulders, has some bounce to it, does not sag, has a lovely handle, strong, grippy,... Read More
ISO Angel Time!!!

ISO Angel Time!!!

Paxbaby Paxbaby Is there a wrap or carrier you’ve been looking high and low for, but haven’t been able to find? It might just be your lucky day!!‘s ISO Angel will be making a visit tonight!! Wrap conversion Tula? Double Rainbow? Wrap... Read More
Camping and babywearing!

Camping and babywearing! As if picking out a carrier to wear is not hard enough on a regular day… try packing for a 7 day camping trip over 9 hours away from home. EEEK!!! With a 5 year old, 2.5year old and an almost 10 month ago, and a small RV, I really had to... Read More
Baby Goose Friday!

Baby Goose Friday! Looking for the perfect way to commemorate all of those hours breastfeeding your little one??‘s FREE FRIDAY giveaway, hosted by Baby Goose Portraits, is an amazing and memorable custom 8″ x 10″ silhouette of the... Read More