Where are you taking YOUR KoKaDi this Summer?

Or better yet, where is YOUR KoKaDi taking YOU?

When the weather is nice, you want to take advantage of it!

That means beach trips, hikes, picnics, zoo trips, traveling and MORE!

With longer days outside with friends and family, it can sometimes mean that your little one’s schedule can get a little…well… off.  That is where babywearing comes in and can valiantly save the day for everyone!

All your baby needs is you and your wrap.




The routine stays the same, it is just the scenery that changes.

Check out the awesome KoKaDis we have in stock just for YOU:

Do you have a Summer time babywearing photo that you would like to share with us??
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Thank you to Rachel, for this beautiful happy beach babywearing photo!


*happy babywearing*


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