In an effort to reduce the heart-breaking drama involved with stalking for your favorite and VERY hard to find baby carrier, PAXdaddy has set up a new system that will hopefully run smoothly and easily.  This is the third time we have stocked carriers in this manner so please be patient with us!  Earlier in the week, there was a server crashing issue, but it was temporary, and your patience was appreciated!  All feedback is welcome also, so please email us with any questions, concerns, or praise to!  Due to the busy days at PAXHQ, the PAXbaby facebook page is not ideal for these sorts of comments, but we don’t want you to feel ignored!  THANK YOU!

Let the games begin!  At the set time, you can fill out and submit the form below for each carrier.  The first entry to be received at the specified time will be the WINNER and will receive the link to check out for their WC Tula within 24 hours of the stocking via email from PAXbaby!  The winner will then have 24 hours to check out through the cart before the link is passed to the next entry!  Please be sure to submit at the correct time so you don’t miss your chance!  A time stamp received with each entry will verify the winner.

Today is June 1!  Here are the 6 adorable custom cotton Tula Baby Carriers that will be stocked at today!!!  These cotton prints have been hand selected by PAXmommy Jillian, sent to Tula HQ, and returned back to PAXbaby looking spiffy and very much ready to love  :

9:00 am PST  – Forest Fancy Standard $159

11:00 am PST – Peaceful Signs Toddler $179

2:00 pm PST – Rocket Boy Toddler $209

4:00 pm PST  – Sweet Treats $159

6:00 pm PST  – Whale of a Tale *corduroy* $159

8:00 pm PST  – Smiling Skulls $159

Please enter here at the correct times, and the PAXmommies will take care of the rest!  Winners will receive an email notification within 24 hours. If an unforeseen issue arises and there is a glitch, we reserve the right to stop the entry system for the day. One WC can be purchased per babywearer during the week’s stocking.  Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks to making this stocking as fair as possible!!!  *happy babywearing*

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