Hi PAXmommy Laura! Sooooo…. a PAXmommy AND a postpartum doula. You must be busy!

Q: I hear that you are expecting baby #3 as well. Congratulations, girl!! Will you have a doula for your pregnancy/postpartum?And did you have one for your other two births?

L: We are so excited, thank you!!!! I didn’t really find out about doulas until after my first birth. It was less than ideal, so for my second I knew I wanted to have a birth doula. I started asking friends and got a few personal recommendations, and found one I clicked with immediately. Had a completely different birth experience and saw how wonderful doulas can be, both as labor support but also postpartum. This time around I have an amazing Midwifery support team, but my amazing doula from my last birth volunteered to attend as well.

Q: What are a few things that you should look for in a Doula?

L: More than anything, above experience and training as a doula, I think having a strong connection and camaraderie is very important. Are you a good fit personality wise? Is she supportive and understanding of the kind of birth you desire? Can you imagine her there, and would you feel comfortable with her seeing you during this really important, and sometimes vulnerable, time? Being familiar with your OB or Midwife and hospital or birth center is a bonus.

Q: Inquiring minds want to know… have you ever been a postpartum Doula for any other PAXmommies??

L: I haven’t had the opportunity yet as I’m a bit far distance wise from most of the PAXmommies, but I hope to someday <3

Q: I recently saw a new mommy friend post a photo of her doula babywearing her newborn so that she could have a nap. Awesome! Do you ever wear your client’s new babies?

L: As a postpartum doula I really want the mama to feel confident and empowered in her new role as a mother, so while I often suggest and educate on babywearing as part of my time with a new family (which sometimes entails wearing a new baby ::swoon:::), I aim to try and get mama (and dad too!) babywearing as soon as baby is born.

Q: If so what is YOUR fave newborn wrap?

L: I am a ring sling gal with brand new babies, I looooove Girasol wrap conversion ring slings, but I am really looking forward to using my Anaju bamboo stretch wrap and my Aqua pfau this time around!

Q: How long have you been babywearing, and what was YOUR gateway carrier?

L: I knew I wanted to babywear with my son 4 years ago, we were given a Balboa baby sling and an Ergo but neither seemed to fit well and just weren’t comfortable. I sold the Ergo and bought my first Girasol, and it was all downhill from there ;)

Q: One piece of advice for new mommies:

L: There is so much value to trusting your instincts and following baby’s cues. I think we are bombarded by so much advice and influence from magazines, message boards, our mothers, mother-in-laws and random strangers and experts, our own “voice” can get drowned out. You need to be comfortable with the parenting decisions you are making, learn to listen to that voice! In those quite moments in the middle of the night I remind myself of this, and even though it can be difficult, I WILL miss those precious moments, “this too shall pass”, and I don’t believe anyone will look back and regret keeping baby close.

Thanks, so much PAXmommy Laura! Good luck with your upcoming little one <3

*happy babywearing*

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