Blog it! Brush off your creative writing skills, moms, and get writing!  Help celebrate International Babywearing Week & PAXbaby’s 4th Birthday Party by writing an article about something babywearing!  Doesn’t have to be long, or fancy, or rhyme,... Read More
Boba 3g

Boba 3g It was incredibly fun helping Boba decide on some important decisions regarding their Boba SSC (soft structured carrier) redesign!  Innovative and applicable to everyday babywearing life, the features on the new Boba 3g are pretty fabulous!  As much as I... Read More
Amazing Amber

Amazing Amber A jingle for Baltic Amber Got an ache or pain? Baby getting teeth? Toddler has an owie? Wear some amber Feel the comfort Soothing relief And natural care Baltic Amber, Baltic Amber Love it, wear it, enjoy it! Available in mama... Read More
Snuggles and a free hand!

Snuggles and a free hand! SSCs are awesome for comfortable on-the-go babywearing!   Sometimes, though, you just can’t beat the feeling of having mom and baby wrapped up nice and snug in something cozy and supportive–like a Hybrid Stretch from Wrapsody Baby Carriers!... Read More